Wheel Alignment

Why you need a wheel alignment:

  1. It preserves the life of your tyres (minimises irregular and premature wear)
  2. It increases your fuel efficiency (less drag as wheels are facing straight ahead)
  3. It improves steering (your wheels are set to go in a straight line)
  4. It improves safety (straight wheels provide more road traction)

When you need a wheel alignment:

  1. “My steering pulls to the left or the right.”
  2. “My steering wheel is not straight, or is difficult to turn, or vibrates.”
  3. “My car squeals around corners.”
  4. “I’ve got premature or uneven wear on my tyres.”
  5. “I’ve just had new tyres put on my car.”
  6. “I’ve just had components of my suspension replaced.”
  7. “I’ve hit e.g. a pothole or a kerb.”
  8. “It’s been over 12 months or 15,000km since my last wheel alignment.”

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How our wheel alignment outperforms:

Not all wheel alignments are created equal. Don’t get ripped off, or jeopardise the safety of you and your family, with a sub-standard wheel alignment.

BJ Tyres wheel alignment:

  1. Uses the latest, correctly calibrated machinery.
  2. Completes all the adjustments that are possible for your car i.e.
    • Front and rear toe (the direction that your tyres are pointing in).
    • Front and rear camber (inward or outward tilt of wheel).
    • Front caster (forward or rearward tilt of steering axe in reference to a vertical line).
  3. Extra time is spent diagnosing and trying different techniques to resolve your vehicle pull (not always caused by wheel alignment) e.g.
    • Radial pull in a tyre (so we rotate the tyre)
    • Uneven tyre wear (so we rotate the tyre)

Wheel alignment tips:

  1. Your vehicle needs a wheel alignment at least once a year, or every 15,000 km.
  2. If your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, get it done as soon as possible to minimise premature and irregular wear along with your costs.
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