Tyre Service

BJ Tyres gives you the right tyre service first time, every time. For over 35 years, we’ve been providing a reliable tyre service to people just like you!

6 BJ Tyre Service’s:

  1. Sell New or Used Tyres:
    1. Prices
    2. 16 Tyre brands
    3. Tyre wear vs road holding
    4. Tyre warranties
    5. Tyre noise
    6. Directional, non-directional and asymmetrical tyres
    7. Read your Tyres Size
  2. Wheel Alignment:
    1. Why you need one
    2. When you need one
    3. Why ours outperforms
  3. Tyre Services:
    1. Wheel balancing e.g. “My steering wheel shakes at a certain speed.”
    2. Puncture repairs e.g. “I’ve got a flat tyre.”
    3. Tyre pressure checks (including your spare tyre) e.g. “I’ve not checked them in a while.”
  4. Suspension Repairs:
    1. Shock absorbers e.g. “My car bonnet dips when I brake or slow down, or my steering vibrates, or my car veers in side winds.”
    2. Springs e.g. “I have excess body roll while cornering, or I ‘float’ over minor road imperfections.”
    3. Sway Bar Link Arm or Mount Bushes e.g. “I hear a rattle when I go over a bump.”
  5. Light Mechanical Repairs:
    1. Servicing e.g. “I’m due for a lube and oil change.”
    2. CV joints e.g. “I hear clicking sounds when I turn my wheel hard to the left or right.”
    3. Ball joints e.g. “My steering feels either too loose or too tight, or I feel clicks or clunks in my steering wheel, or my steering wheel shakes at higher speeds, or I have uneven tyre wear.”
    4. Brake rotors e.g. “My steering wheel shakes when I put my foot on the brake.”
    5. Brake pads e.g. “My car emits a high pitch squeal while I’m driving, or I can hear a metal to metal sound when I put my foot on the brake.”
  6. Battery:
    1. Replace battery e.g. “My car won’t start.”
    2. Test battery e.g. “My car is hard to start.”
    3. Recharge battery e.g. “My car won’t start.”
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