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Tyre Repair and Replacement Coverage Road hazard warranty.
Emergency Towing Your vehicle will be towed to a destination of your choice
Minor Roadside Repairs We will carry out minor breakdown related repairs to get you back on the road.
Emergency Fuel Delivery A service vehicle will deliver emergency supplies of fuel, oil or water. You only pay for the cost of the supplies.
Jump Start If your battery fails we will send a service vehicle to jump start your vehicle
Flat Tyre Change Our provider will fit your spare tyre to your vehicle
Technical Advice Telephone technical advice will be provided.
Lockout Service We will send a service truck to help you gain entry to your vehicle in the event that you are accidentally locked out.
Accident Coordination Service In the event of an accident we can manage all the arrangements from the point of impact to the re-delivery of your vehicle. Includes courtesy car if required.
Motoring News Sent Monthly Motoring news sent monthly.