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BJ Tyres, East Tamaki Tyres will provide you with the right tyre, for the right purpose, at the right price.

Shockingly, 1 in 7 cars you pass on road is driving on at least 1 bad tyre.

Why? Because people often forget about tyres.

BUT when 1 fails unexpectedly…you, your family or other people may be hurt or killed.

Tyres must have good traction and tread depth to prevent your car from sliding all over (or off) the road. The safety of you and your family depends on this.

6 factors to consider when buying tyres:

1: Price

BJ Tyres – East Tamaki Tyres are competitively priced.

Know what you want (size, new vs. used, budget vs. better quality)?
Request BJ Tyres East Tamaki prices here or phone 274 8875.

General Price Bands:

$80-$180    Budget: basic tyres for low speed driving around town.
$100-$250  Mid-range: good quality tyres for most driving conditions, including the open road.
$130-$500  Performance: superior quality tyres for higher performance driving and higher value cars.

Tyre Tip

If you buy tyres online e.g. TradeMe, remember prices do not include the cost of fitting and balancing.

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2: Tyre Brand:

If you’re like most people, you want a tyre you can completely trust to do its job and is value for money.

BJ Tyres – East Tamaki Tyres will always give you the correct tyre to suit your driving needs and your budget.

Brands we sell:

1. Bridgestone
2. Dunlop
3. Event
4. Falken
5. Federal
6. Goodyear
7. GT Radial
8. Hankook
9.   Jinyu
10. Kumho
11. Maxxis
12. Nankang
13. Nitto
14. Pirelli
15. Toyo
16. Yokohama

Tyre Tip

No tyre is perfect for all driving conditions, so get impartial, expert advice on which tyre is right for you.

3: Tyre Wear vs. Road Holding

Tyres are more than just black, round and dirty! They’re highly technical and are made up of different rubber compounds serving different purposes.

General rule of thumb:

  1. The softer the compound, the greater the traction and shorter the life.
  2. The harder the compound, the greater the durability and longer the life.

Tyre Tips:

  1. The commonest cause of tyre wear is under-inflation or poor wheel alignment.
  2. Fit tyres with the best tread at the rear REGARDLESS if your car is front or rear driving.
    • This helps prevent you from losing control by inducing under-steering (easier to control) vs. over-steering (harder to control).

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4: New Tyre Warranties

  • Generally covered for any manufacturing defects up to 2-5 years from date of manufacture.
  • Most (excluding GT Radial) are based on a pro-rata basis e.g. if tyre is 50% worn, you only get a 50% credit.
    • GT Radial has a full replacement guarantee i.e. if tyre is 50% worn, you get a 100% credit.

Tyre Tip

Not all warranties are created equal, so do your research.

5: Tyre Noise

Main Contributing Factors:

  1. Tread pattern
    • Directional tread is nosier than non-directional and asymmetrical.
    • Generally asymmetrical is the quietest.
  2. Road surface
    • The chunkier the stone chip, the louder the noise.

Tyre Tip

Check your tyre pressure and tread regularly as tyre noise changes as these go or wear down.

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6: Directional vs. Non-Directional vs. Asymmetrical Tyres


Directional Tread:
Channels water away from the centre of the tyre quickly (stopping aquaplaning).

Non-Directional Tread:
Can be rotated to different sides of your vehicle to extend their life.

Asymmetrical Tread:
Typically the quietest running tyre, with better traction and safety than non-directional tyres.

Tyre Tip

Always fit the best tyre that you can afford, because it’s always going to provide better safety.

7: Tyre Size

To tell your tyre size, look at the tyres already fitted on your car and read them like in this example:

215 45 ZR17 understand your tyre size

215 / 45  ZR17 91Y XL – Explaining your tyre labeling

  Sidewall Marking Specifies Explanation
  215 Width Width of tyre in millimetres
  45 Profile/Aspect Ratio Height of tyre sidewall as percentage of width (this tyre is 45% of 215mm)
  Z Tyre Speed Rating Earlier designation – Still used by some companies today
  R Construction of Tyre In this case Radial
  17 Rim Diameter Size of rim diameter in inches
  91 Load Index Maximum load your tyre can handle (must be the same as the other tyre on the same axle)
  Y Speed Rating Maximum speed your tyre can run (must be within 2 points of the other tyre on the same axle)
  XL Extra Load Allows a higher inflation pressure which increases the tyre’s maximum load

Tyre Tip

Find out your tyre size before ringing for a price, as it allows you to get the exact price, rather than a rough idea on potentially numerous possibilities.

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