BJ Tyres – Tyres East Tamaki

BJ Tyres has well over 39 years experience in:

  1. Selling new and used tyres
  2. Wheel Alignment
  3. Tyre Services
  4. Suspension repairs
  5. Light mechanical repairs
  6. Battery recharging and replacements

BJ Tyres Purpose:

Our team of experienced and friendly wheel alignment and tyre technicians are here to provide you with:

  1. Excellent and honest advice
  2. Top service
  3. Competitive pricing
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4 Reasons To Use BJ Tyres:

  1. It’s 4.50pm. You desperately need something fixed. We’ll jump to it. We won’t shut shop and demand you come back tomorrow.
  2. You’re welcome to our courtesy car or you can request we pick up and deliver your car, or drop off and pick you up (without interfering with your work).
  3. You’ll always get the correct tyre to suit your driving needs and your budget…we sell over 16 brands.
  4. You’ll get the right answers to your questions because we’re experienced and we know our stuff.

BJ Tyres Secret Benefit:

We know good people! Anything you need that we don’t do (e.g. panel beater or cambelt replacements), we’ll recommend someone reliable who’ll do a good job for you. Problem solved!

East Tamaki Tyres - Services East Tamaki Tyres - Loan car East Tamaki Tyres - Contact

BJ Tyres Sponsorship

We proudly sponsor Bucklands Beach single handed sailing.

4 Common Complaints BJ Tyres Solve:

  1. “My tyre is worn out or needs replacing”…we’ll fit a tyre that suits your needs and budget and check your tyre pressures.
  2. “My steering is pulling to the left or right”…we’ll perform a wheel alignment and check to see if it’s a tyre problem or a bent suspension.
  3. “My steering wheel shakes at a certain speed”…we’ll perform a wheel balance.
  4. “My steering wheel shakes when I put my foot on brake”…we’ll skim your brake rotors and check for bent wheels.

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